Vaping vs. Smoking (Herbal) - 5 Reasons Why Vaping is Better

Vaping vs. Smoking (Herbal) - 5 Reasons Why Vaping is Better

There's a lot of great reasons to ditch smoking and start vaporizing. But most of the discussion on the subject is based around tobacco and nicotine vaporizers.

What about smoking dried herbs?

It often seems like people dismiss smoking dried herbs to carry few, if any health risks at all.

While it's true that smoking dried herbs other than tobacco is far safer in general, and it has not been directly linked to lung cancer, we do know that smoking anything is unhealthy.

Of course, this includes dried herbs.

This is why the development of dry herb vaporizers is just as important as e-cigarettes and other nicotine vaporizers, and in our opinion, deserves just as much attention!

That being said, we proudly present our infographic: Vaping vs. Smoking - 5 Reasons Why Vaping is Better.



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Almost everyone knows the dangers of smoking tobacco, but some people have the misconception that smoking other herbs is relatively risk-free.

The truth is, smoking virtually anything is detrimental to your health.

By using a Vaporizer instead, you can avoid most of the toxic by-products of smoking. Vaporizers heat your material BELOW the point of combustion (burning), extracting the active ingredients into a virtually pure, clean vapor.

#1. Vaping is Healthier

Burning herbal materiel releases the following toxins:

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Benzene
  • Toluene
  • Naphthalene
  • And many more... (too many to list)

Using a vaporizer at 365° F, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • A major (if not virtually entire) reduction in Carbon Monoxide
  • NO Benzene
  • NO Toluene
  • NO Naphthalene
  • And many more! (also too many to list!)


Not to mention...


The typical herbal cigarette deposits 4x as much tar in your lungs than an equivalent tobacco cigarette.

And smoke from most herbs contains at least 50 of the same cancer-causing toxins as tobacco.

The American Lung Association has stated:
“whether from burning wood, tobacco, or any other dried plant material, toxins and carcinogens are released from the combustion of these materials”.

There's no debating it, inhaling smoke is bad for you.


The good news!


In 2003, it was found the Volcano Vaporizer is able to eliminate over 100 chemicals that appear in smoke.

It can produce a vapor that is 95% pure in its active ingredients.

In 2007, a study by UCSF examined the effects of a Vaporizer.

They found that "using Carbon Monoxide as an indicator, there was virtually no exposure to harmful combustion products using the vaporizing device".

And in 2010, researchers found using a Vaporizer for a month led to improvements in the health of 20 daily dry herb smokers.

“Switching to a vaporizer led to benefits in lung function that were comparable to quitting cigarettes.”


Your lungs will thank you later!



#2. Vaping Saves Money

Approximately 23-30% of the main active ingredients in herbs is destroyed during combustion.

This is why the typical herbal cigarette has been found to deliver less than 25% of its active ingredients.

On the other hand, Vaporizers can convert 46% of available active ingredients from herbs into vapor.

Vaporizing virtually doubles in efficiency over smoking.


Your Vape will pay for itself!



#3. Vaping Tastes Better

Smoking your herbs destroys a lot of their natural flavors, and hides the rest in a dry, smokey, carcinogenic cocktail.

And it's well known that smoking dulls ones sense of smell and taste.

Vaporizing actually allows you to taste all the great flavors of your material. And it's much easier on your throat!

You can expect a much cleaner, more natural tasting flavor.


Vaping tastes great!



#4. Vaping is Polite & Discreet

It's no secret that smoking is slowly being phased out of modern society, we simply no longer live in a smoker's world. The odors from smoke are obnoxious to most, and sometimes even harmful.

And let's not forget about the fire risks.

While vaporizing usually produces a noticeable odor, it's much more mild, discreet, and far less obnoxious.

And no smoke, ash, and flame makes for a much safer, cleaner experience indoors.


Go ahead, Vape on!



#5. Vaping is The Future

In 2014, the word "Vape" was crowned Word of the Year by Oxford Dictionaries.

According to them...

You are 30x more likely to come across the word "Vape" than you were 2 years ago.

A Wells Fargo Securities Analyst reportedly expects U.S. use of e-Cigarettes and Vaporizers to OVERTAKE combustible cigarettes in 10 years...

And it all makes a lot of sense, because if everyone knew this information...


...who in their right mind would actually choose to smoke?





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