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(Why) People Love the PAX 2

From the desk of Dylan @ thaVapeShop.com

Update: The PAX 2 is now on sale for just $279.99  $199.99! 

(Limited time only while supplies last - black is sold out!)

Imagine this:

It's a beautiful winter evening. You've been working hard, and now you just want to relax.

Maybe you'll go for a walk, jam out on the PS4, or go escape at the movies.

It really doesn't matter; whatever it takes to unwind.

You might throw on your favorite hat, or rock that new watch or necklace you just got for Christmas.

You're about to head out the door. 

You grab your keys, your phone, and your wallet/purse.

You step outside, but something doesn't feel right.

You feel like you're forgetting something. Something important.

Ah, now you remember, as you chuckle to your forgetful self.

You almost forgot your joy!

You almost forgot your PAX 2.

The PAX has been the go-to loose leaf vaporizer for first timers and pros alike for a good while now.

The PAX is now so popular, that almost everyone that's "down with the culture" instantly recognizes one when they see it.

It's like an iPhone, for you know - herbs.

And like the iPhone, it's the leading device in its industry.

But what made the PAX, and now the PAX 2, so damn special?

Personally, I think the question was answered above.

The PAX 2 is a special device reminiscent of Apple products.

And like Apple products, it's easy to use, looks great, and simply gets the job done every time.

It's reputation precedes it. People know they're getting quality with the PAX.


"But there's other portable vaporizers that perform similarly for a lower price!"

"But there's a portable vaporizer with two chambers!"

"But there's a portable vaporizer that works in below zero temperatures!"


I hear you, all of those things are true.

But isn't that just like comparing other smartphones to the iPhone?

There will always be something new out there, something different.

And for the people that want that, more power to them!

But some people want an iPhone, and some people want a PAX.

And there's nothing wrong with that, they're great devices.

Some would argue the best.

The PAX 2 just works.


There's no tomfoolery, no need-to-know-how's.

The thing just works for people, plain and simple.

It comes with everything you'll ever need included in the box, like:

  • The PAX 2 vaporizer itself
  • A really cool charging cradle
  • Two different styles of mouth pieces
  • A magnetic oven lid (so it doesn't accidentally open in your pocket)
  • And a great cleaning kit


And that's it.

No screens, no cans, no filters, no extra puzzle pieces to lose.

This PAX 2 is a solid, one piece device that doesn't require anything else.

Need to check your battery life? No problem.

Simply give the PAX 2 a shake and its awesome looking LED logo will give you a battery readout.

If you don't draw from the PAX 2 or move it in 20 seconds, it will automatically start cooling down to conserve battery life and your herbs.

And if it senses you haven't used it in 3 minutes, it will automatically shutdown.

You can't go wrong with the PAX 2.


And that's why people love it.

If you feel like you might love the PAX 2 as well, you can check out our special offer here where you'll receive a FREE 4-piece Herbivore brand grinder with your order.

Or if you're new to vaporizing and don't yet know the benefits, check out our infographic on Vaping vs. Smoking.


It'll be a new year soon, why not become a new you?

We want to help people move away from smoking and into vaping as best we can.

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  • Terri Mc

    I am going to purchase one of these for my mother. It sounds so easy to use, very attractive and discreet. That is just what my 78 year old mom needs for when she needs to medicate with CBD. She is going to love this product. Thank you PAX 2.

  • Steve

    Very cool. I can wait to try one

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